Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Beautiful Baby Houston

                   This was a really great shoot for me since I have known Shannon since she was probably 8 years old. I used to be Shannon’s gymnastics coach way back when.  It has been fun seeing her over the years.  I can’t hardly believe she is married and starting family.  Wow, that makes me old! Thanks for asking me to take these pictures, it was way fun!           Houston Books 0039weblogoHouston book shelf_0063 realweblogo To see this baby sleeping on top of these books was so funny.  I wanted to show how small he is, so I put him up on the shelf. 

I have a lot of people ask me how I Photoshop a baby hanging from a tree, on top of a log or now on books.  I don’t photoshop them on these things.

I wait for them to be so asleep and hold them in position until they are out cold. 

          Yes, this is a real baby asleep on books that I photographed.

The picture above this one is the same, I just started him out on a white background before moving him on to the shelf.


                       I love this picture in the field!  It is one of my favorites!

                    In the Field-0226 weblogo  In the Field with Daddy-0162 weblogo




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