Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sweet Baby Jayla

    While in Boise visiting family, I had the opportunity to see my cousin Holly’s new baby.  She is so adorable!  We decided to get as many pictures as possible while she was sleeping and we even got Holly’s husband to agree to do a few as well. 

Look at these gorgeous shots!

   We are so glad you are finally here baby Jayla, we love you!

 Untitled-1Fullweblogo IMG_0314fullweblogo

IMG_0502weblogo                               IMG_0522weblogo    IMG_0559weblogo    IMG_0524weblogoIMG_0550weblogo2                      

                        Here she is with her big sister, are they so cute or what?!IMG_0784Fullweblogo IMG_0797Fullweblogo Jayla treeweblogo


  1. Goodness Jenne! You are so talented!!

  2. LOVE all of the photos! I love Jayla's name too!


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