Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New York City

           This was such a fun trip!!  Minus a couple of really bumpy flights!

So first of all I have to say that I learned to use my i-phone camera on this trip. So some of my favorite photos aren’t the best pictures since they came of a camera phone but I will be posting them anyways.

   This trip was a girlfriends weekend with some of my best friends and we had a blast!

When we landed in NYC I got several texts asking me if I was okay and had made it safely.

Apparently we were landing during New York’s first Tornado ever.  It was terrible, but we made it safe and sound.


Here are some fun in flight shots.

I am sure all of these were definitely taken with my i-phone.

My favorite thing about this first picture is the flight attendant in the back checking her watch, I am sure she is thinking this is going to be a long flight.


Me and my awesome friends…clearly these pictures were taken prior to the turbulence.


20100916-IMG_0091 20100916-IMG_0095

Here I am in our shuttle ride from the airport in to NYC...  I shot both these pictures out the window and caught my image in the side mirror.


Central Park was gorgeous!!  One of my favorite places we saw, and my favorite movie was filmed here……..{ENCHANTED}

We hired a private tour guide and he was awesome! If you are ever in NYC this is totally the way to go. We walked and took the subway all over the city. It was so great!

  20100916-IMG_4224  20100916-IMG_4169 20100916-IMG_4423  20100916-IMG_4192  20100916-IMG_4264

This is where the twin towers used to be.


The 911 Museum was awesome, the photographs all beautiful, but very emotional.


The Subway was awesome!  Really warm and dirty though.  Here is our tour guide Ben.


Broadway Shows are the best!! 

We saw Wicked and Promises Promises and they were both absolutely amazing! 


The Statue of Liberty


The last day before we left we had lunch with an one of my best friends from college.

Cheyenne is now a big star and is super busy, but he took time to come out and take us to lunch.  Thanks Cheyenne!  It was so great to catch up.

Cheyenne can currently be seen in the TV shows 30Rock and Glee and his debut at Carnegie Hall is coming up this month.  Congratulations Cheyenne!  I wish you every happiness.

To see what Cheyenne is up to click here


Times Square was crazy all the time.


We shopped til we dropped every day. It was an absolute blast!


I think I have decided that me and my friends need to make this a yearly trip.

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