Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Amazing Mom Makeover (please vote!)

I have had the opportunity to be come friends with the Jenn Bullock. I saw today that she has the opportunity to win a MOM makeover.  Please take a minute and read her story and vote for her.  You can vote here.


                                                                  Jenn Bullock

In Feb. '07 my husband and I were blessed with twin daughters after a struggle with infertility. As excited and as happy as we were to finally be parents a dark cloud hung over the joyous occasion. The insurance we had dropped me at 8 months pregnant leaving us with over $120,000 in medical bills to pay. We had just built a home to raise our new family in and thought that we could start life as a family in this home. With that much debt and only one parent able to work my husband started working two jobs which further strained our marriage as we had the stress of two newborns also. As the weeks went by we decided that something had to give in order to save our marriage. We walked away from our new home and car. Moved into a very small house and my husband returned to school to finish his degree in engineering. He worked construction on the side and we just tried to survive, during this time we started to notice one of our twins, Claire, wasn't growing and developing at the same rate as others around her. We took her to numerous Drs. who told us she probably wouldn't talk or even be able to function properly in the regular world. My husband lost his job in construction, continued going to school and we started on multiple therapies to help our daughter to function in the world. In fall '09 I was pregnant with our 3rd daughter my husband received a job offer here in the Tri-cites, my pregnancy became really dangerous around the same time and we couldn't find a Dr. here that would take me so far along and with so many complications. So my husband moved to the Tri-cites to find us a place to live and start working. I stayed in Idaho with the twins and a dangerous pregnancy. We moved to Kennewick 4 days after our daughter Avalon was born. We knew no one, we had no support system here. It was the hardest thing I have ever done, I had a newborn, the twins and was all by myself, I cried for weeks and even moved back to Idaho for 2 months. It took a lot of courage to come back to Kennewick and really put myself out there to find friends and a support system. Throughout all of this we have been seeing different Dr.s and Specialist to see if anyone can tell us what may be the cause of Claire problems. She has made massive amounts of progress, she does talk(its not completely understandable, but she TALKS!) and she is in a school that can help her. But it still has been so hard to watch her twin grow and develop properly and then to watch Claire struggle and get left out because she’s not the same as the other kids. I finally feel like I have friends here and that support I was so desperately looking for a year ago. We are at the tail end of the all the testing they can do on my daughter and what ever they tell I feel like I can handle now. I still miss my family and the life I had in Idaho. But all the trials and stress the past 4 years has really strengthened my marriage and shown me what I can really do and what I can handle. I feel stronger than I ever have and started to realize how important I am to the family equation (I have even taken up running, something I hated before but now is a great &quiet time for me). This past year has really changed me in how I see things and how I feel about myself. Especially about what I see as progress. Its also taught to just stop and breathe, its interesting in labor when the nurse's are telling you to breathe when its hard. Life is the same thing but no one is telling us to breathe when its hard, moms have to do that for themselves. I learned that this past year. I guess this whole thing comes down to the fact that I want to look as good as I feel now. My family has been given a new start and new hope for all kinds of progress and I have been given a new view on life this past year.

Please take 1 minute of your time and Register Here and Vote.

It literally takes 1 minute of your time and would reward a well deserving Mom.


   Thanks so much!  Hugs,  Jenne

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