Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sweet baby Hazel

Hazel was born to the famous “Blodgett couple”.  She was born early at only 30 weeks old. She weighed 2 1bs and 9 ounces when she was born and stayed in the NICU until recently when she finally got to come home.  The Blodgett's are so fun and I am so happy to know them and their beautiful new baby girl.  She is absolutely darling!!

My kids also LOVE the Blodgett’s except for my youngest daughter who seems to think ……….

Well, It all started a couple of years ago at a church trunk r treat when  KYLE BLODGETT was found hiding in a trunk of a car dressed as Dracula to scare the children.  Shaylie immediately erased their names off of her special list of people to trick or treat.  Since that day anytime something is missing or unexplainable – Shaylie says “It was Blodgett”.  LOL!

  I am sure that baby Hazel will bring so much joy to her new home and family that have been praying for their sweet baby to be able to come home.


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  1. Hazel is the most darling baby!!! I just want to give her a smooch. Love these. Thanks!


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