Monday, November 7, 2011

Ostler 6


               and baby makes SIX!  The Ostlers have a new baby in their house and they are all so excited. Needless to say it was time for new pictures of the kids. Are they they cutest or what?!   I just love the Ostlers!  I love their kids and this was so fun for me.  The kids were so great and just posed and smiled the whole time.  Thanks for rockin out your shoot with me.  You kids Rock!



untitled-157full_web_edited-1                        20111028-untitled-325Full2_web  20111028-untitled-433 fullweb

                    20111028-untitled-247filweb  20111028-untitled-277fullweb 

      20111028-untitled-182fullweb  20111028-untitled-95 full_web


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