Friday, September 28, 2012

The Whiteley family

Look at this beautiful family! Can’t hardly believe they drove all the way from Seattle to do pictures with me, but so glad they did!  We had so much fun at the park that we shot at and got some gorgeous photos that I am so in love with.

Thanks for spending the evening with me in the tri-cities.  It was so much fun!

Here are my favorites from the night.

20120915-IMG_4371full_web20120915-IMG_4396fullweb20120915-IMG_4683 full_web20120915-IMG_4607fullweb20120915-IMG_4399web20120915-IMG_4422fullweb20120915-IMG_4600fullweb20120915-IMG_4628full_web

20120915-IMG_4784 fullweb20120915-IMG_4883fullweb20120915-IMG_4974 full_web20120915-IMG_5030 fullweb20120915-IMG_5005fullweb20120915-IMG_4923fullweb

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