Monday, November 5, 2012

The Gurney family

I love the Gurney family!  They are our good friends and I just adore them.  We had to reschedule our shoot due to terrible weather and I was worried we weren’t going to find a nice day to do it, but we did and I am so excited about their pictures.  The kids were so fun, posing it out for me which made it really easy to capture their cute personalities!  Love, LOVE, LoVe them!

Here are my favorites from our shoot.

20121023-IMG_8355full_web20121023-IMG_6364fullweb20121023-IMG_6371fullweb20121023-IMG_6389 fullweb20121023-IMG_6328fullweb20121023-IMG_6420 fullweb20121023-IMG_6341fullweb20121023-IMG_6507full_web20121023-IMG_6522full_WEB220121023-IMG_6454 fullweb20121023-IMG_6357 fullweb20121023-IMG_6709fullweb

1 comment:

  1. Those are great pictures for a great family! I like the one with the 3 kids all close together all looking at the camera. That is really neat.


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