Thursday, September 15, 2011

Taylor Swift

This past week I got the opportunity to take my oldest daughter to the Taylor Swift Concert @ the Tacoma Dome.  It was just was a girl trip for the two of us and it was FABULOUS!  My daughter Brielle is now a freshman in high school and I can’t hardly believe how fast the time is flying by.  I loved being able to have this time just with her and we had a blast.

We had KILLER seats, in the 7th row on the floor pretty much center stage.  Whoo hoo!  I don’t think we could have had a better spot to view the concert.  Except for the screeching girls behind us, and pink light stick twirler girl in front of us it was AWESOME.  Taylor Swift definitely knows how to put on a good show.  She is very animated and plays to her crowd very well.  She also sounded great!  It was an awesome production!!  I debated weather or not to take in my camera because I knew how heavy it would be to cart in but loved that I had it afterwards.  Check out these fun shots I got at the concert. 

Thanks for a fun girls trip Brielle!!  I love being with you and LOVE that we got our own Mommy/Daughter trip! So much fun!  

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We saw some friends there that sat pretty much right behind us… So fun! 


Here we are…me and my daughter Brielle getting ready to leave the concert.

Such a great night!


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  1. Jenne - these are serisouly some amazings pics!! You are so super talented.


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