Monday, August 13, 2012

Megan {class of 2013}

Megan will be a senior at Kamiakin High School this fall and is so darling!  It was a pretty warm evening for pictures but she made it seem easy.  Megan is super sweet and I loved getting to know her during our shoot.  She brought a friend and sister along with her and that made it extra fun!  Thanks for a super fun photo shoot Megan, you are absolutely stunning!

Megan-0772 fullwebMegan-0744 fullwebMegan-0748fullcropwebMegan-0711 fullwebMegan-0641 fullwebMegan-0729 fullwebMegan-0639fullwebMegan-0449fullwebMegan-0558fullwebMegan-0613 fullwebMegan-1005fullwebMegan-1160 fullwebMegan-0990fullwebMegan-0896 fullwbeMegan-1040fullweb

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