Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sydnee {class of 2013}

Sydnee will be a senior at Kamiakin, graduating class of 2013! Whoo hoo!

Sydnee plays soccer and is so much fun to hang around.  We pretty much cracked up the whole time.  She brought a couple friends to her shoot and her super cute Mom and we had a ton of fun.  Thanks for the laughs.  You are absolutely beautiful Sydnee!  Hope you love your senior pics!

Here are a few of my favorites of the night!

20120809-IMG_1404 fullweb20120809-IMG_1387 fullweb20120809-IMG_1212fullweb20120809-IMG_1279 fullweb20120809-IMG_1248fullweb20120809-IMG_1308fullweb20120809-IMG_1380fullweb20120809-IMG_1496 fullweb20120809-IMG_1492fullweb20120809-IMG_1615fullweb20120809-IMG_1629fullweb20120809-IMG_1591fullweb20120809-IMG_1570 copyfullweb

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