Friday, September 21, 2012

Gregory {class of 2013}

Gregory is a senior at Hanford High School.  He is a super nice and quiet kid.  I gave him a hard time about talking to much and he didn’t have much to say about that, just smiled.

When Gregory showed up for his shoot he started in a nice button up shirt, tie, and suit coat and jokingly I asked him if these were for his Harvard application…LOL.  Little did I know he had spent a portion of his summer attending Harvard.  How cool is that?  Pretty awesome in my opinion.

Gregory says that he wants to be some sort of doctor when he grows up and I really enjoyed taking his pictures.  Maybe someday he will help me take my foot out of my mouth, hopefully not surgically.   Thanks for a fun photo shoot Gregory.

Here are a couple of my favorites.

20120911-IMG_2296full web20120911-IMG_2312 fullweb20120911-IMG_2353web20120911-IMG_2459web20120911-IMG_2409web20120911-IMG_2570web20120911-IMG_2689web20120911-IMG_2772web20120911-IMG_2796web

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