Thursday, September 20, 2012

Katie {class of 2013}

Is she so gorgeous or what??  Gorgeous!  Katie is a senior at Kamiakin High School and so sweet.  I first met Katie at girls camp, or actually before since she was a YCL and we did some fun retreats and trainings with our YCL’s to prep for camp.  She is so much fun and so nice to everyone.  Katie plays the piano and the harp and when I learned that she played the harp I knew we had to have some pictures with it.  A big THANKS to her Mom and Sis for helping move the harp.

I loved getting to know you even better during our photo shoot Katie.  You are absolutely darling in every way.

Here are a few of my favorites!

20120910-IMG_1571 full2web20120910-IMG_1450fullweb20120910-IMG_1465fullweb20120910-IMG_1577fullweb20120910-IMG_1846fullweb20120910-IMG_1990fullweb20120910-IMG_2193fullweb20120910-IMG_2158fullweb20120919-IMG_6033 fullweb20120919-IMG_6166fullweb20120919-IMG_5891 FULLweb20120919-IMG_6045 fullweb20120919-IMG_6079fullweb20120919-IMG_5952fullweb20120919-IMG_6141fullweb20120919-IMG_5998fullweb

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