Friday, June 28, 2013

Rockies in Arizona

I got the opportunity to travel with my son Chase and his team to Arizona for a baseball tournament a couple weeks ago. It was crazy hot, like 110 degrees every day.  My sister lives in Arizona and I loved that she came out to support Chase in the crazy heat and loved getting to spend a little bit of time with her.

The boys played awesome and even got to play at Hohokam Stadium which is the Cubs training field.  I loved that the dugout had mist machines misting the whole time to keep the the players cooled down.  I’m not sure it worked on keeping me cool, but I loved how the mist looked in pictures! 

We had so much fun!  The house we all stayed in had a pool, a hot tub, a pool table, & a putting green. For the record I do have to say I schooled all the boys in pool!

We had a little Harlem Shake Fun, got to go to an Arizona Diamondbacks game and I even got  the opportunity to translate for a couple of the boys in the van on the ride home from the Diamondbacks game.   The last day we spent in Arizona we went to Wet-n-Wild and a couple of the girls talked me in to all kinds of crazy water rides- which was a blast!  Then me and the girls did a little photo shoot.  Love them! I can still remember going on trips with friends when I was 16 and what awesome memories I made.  This was one of those trips, that I will remember forever.

  Thanks for a super fun trip! Yep, I said SUPER!

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